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History Of A Beck
A History of the Stainton Village area of Middlesbrough Cleveland using items found in local becks.

Absolutely Prehistoric
Ancient fossils stir our imaginations and we can see a world with giant monsters roaming the land, the oceans and the skies of a primitive earth. Prehistoric themed gifts, news, information, adventure travel, dinosaur museums, animations and more.

RayFossil Insitu
Ray's excellent fossil site. "I Really Dig Fossils! Do You?"

Fossil Science News
News and events about fossils, archaeology and paleontology.

Fossils Galore
Jamie Jordan's impressive fossil website including details about his fossil magazine.

World Fossil Forum
Busy fossil forum

"An extensive site dedicated to fossil hunting around the UK. 198 (and counting) fossil hunting sites detailed."

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"Explore the world famous Dorset and East Devon Jurassic Coast. This site is the largest online resource dedicated to the Jurassic Coast containing maps, hundreds of video clips and thousands of pictures. With information on tourism, geology, fossils, wildlife, leisure activities and history, there is so much to see and do."

Discovering Fossils
An excellent UK Resource and starting point for any budding fossil enthusiast

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