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Lake District Fossils

Examples of fossils I've found in the Lake District.
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Didymograptus hirundo
Name - Didymograptus hirundo
Group - Graptolites
Type - Invertebrate
Approximate Age - 430 million years
Found At - Sedburgh, Cumbria, June 1996
Strata Found In - Arenig Series
Geological Period Of Strata - Ordovician
Size Shown In Picture - Actual
Specimen Reference No: 165
Comments - Found on the Sedgwick Trail near Sedburgh.


These are now all extinct, ranging from the Cambrian to the Carboniferous Periods. They were marine colonial animals possibly related to the ancestors of vertebrates (backboned animals). The saw-shaped branches (stipes) which housed the creatures are normally found as fossils crushed flat in shales and slates.

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