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Fossil Facts Quiz

Play my free Fossil Facts quiz below. Answer all 10 questions correctly and my Dinosaur Hunt software program will start to download. This completely free copy of my software program is for PC's running Windows. It does not contain any adware, spyware or any other kind of third party software. Please visit my software site Dinosaur Hunt page for more details of the game. All the answers to the multi-choice question quiz can be found on this website in the introduction to Fossils section.

To play the quiz you need the free Vitalize Plug-in (for PCs only, running either Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla or Opera). Click the Play link below and if the game doesn't load or you do not get an automatic message to start the plug-in download, then you need to download and install the free plug-in by clicking on the Vitalize icon below and choosing either the normal or full download (Normal is fine).


Click Here to play my Fossil Facts quiz

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